Is it something about Thursdays that brings me to pajamas and my bed before 8p each week?

Two weeks in a row. At least tonight, I’m not already curled up in a tiny ball fast asleep. I’m kind of still on mom watch. My sweetie is sick and I have been blessed to tend to him while working from home most of the day. I hate that he’s running a bit of a fever and not his normal bouncy self but I am absolutely grateful that I’m able to peel his oranges and serve him soup and check his temperature with the back of my hand, like only momma can. Prayers welcome for that sweet soul’s recovery.

On another note…it’s FEBRUARY!!!

Which means it’s time for another round of journal prompts for you to reflect on.

Before we get to them though, I wanted to share a little from my own January journal prompts.

01 | What are you hoping to gain from journaling more consistently?

Even though I’ve been journaling for years, I knew I could gain something new while continuing the habit. One thing I’d like to gain is a way to make time to go back and read my journal entries. Maybe even put them together someplace for some purpose that is somewhat entertaining or tells a story.

I’d also like to hopefully put together an eCourse about journaling from my experiences and research that I could charge $4 or $6 for and have it grow and help folks become more reflective while also putting a little more coin in my pocket.

02 | Which goals are you most excited about and why? 

I shared my goals for 2017 and the one that I think I’m most excited about is reading for enjoyment! I want to get back into the library (went on Tuesday!!!) and read for pleasure. I don’t remember much about my life and school in Georgia, but I do remember the library and how I felt there. It was my most favorite place on the planet. I could escape into a book and it was real to me. Where I belonged.

I think I’m wondering if I can find a way to do that as an adult and have that experience again.

03 | Which goals terrify you? Why?

Almost all of the others.

My health and living and being well is kind of scary too. I haven’t seen a doctor in over two years and have had some recent health concerns – like yay, just learned last week that I’ll be needing to replace my current glasses with multi-focals – MULTI-FOCALS Y’ALL!!!, I didn’t even know that was a thing. It’s wild how quickly and dramatically my eyesight has changed in the past year and there is a bit of a booknerdish concern that this may interfere with the goal I’m most excited about (see above).

I have to say, I’m also a tiny bit terrified of reaching all of my goals and living well for real. That means my life is going to look very different. That things are going to really have to change on a deeper level.

04 | What is an area in your life that needs to be simplified? Describe what you are doing to make that happen.

I need to have a process for making decisions about what to buy and how to spend.

I learned a process about how to de-clutter and let go of things and not even purchase things until they meet a certain criteria. I need to ask myself more questions about what I want my life to be like (simple, well, healthy) and what is pleasing to God and make my decisions based upon that.

05 | Write about what inspires you, gives you hope, keeps you motivated?

The Word of God. Finding scriptures that are relevant to what I’m wrestling with or going through and then memorizing (and repeating them throughout the day) really keeps me motivated.

This week, I’m working on memorizing Romans 4:20-23 for remembering the power of prayer and believing that God is working and will deliver His promises at the right time.

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Week 06 | Gush about your significant other. (Don’t have one yet, dream and journal about them.)

Week 07 | How does Valentine’s Day strike your fancy?

Week 08 | List (at least) five things you love about being you.

Week 09 | Describe a way you use the word “love” but that isn’t necessarily toward that very special person.


It doesn’t matter how many prompts you completed or even if it what you wrote made any sense at all, you took some steps and you should be proud of yourself! I hope you’ll dive into the prompts about love and relationships in February. And please don’t forget to share your January posts or highlights in the comments below.

Remember, every entry is progress.